The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6: Always Accountable

Always Accountable backtracks to follow Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve only gotten through like two days this entire season.


Daryl is on his trusty bike while Sasha and Abraham are riding dirty in the car behind him, leading walkers away from Alexandria as they finally hit their 20 mile mark. I use the term ‘leading’ loosely, because they are way too far in front of the walkers to be leading them anywhere. As they are driving through a town they are suddenly shot at from multiple unknown people. My first thought was that it was more wolves. Daryl falls off his bike and then high tails it into the woods alone while Sasha and Abraham unload tons of ammo killing a couple of people in a car that was chasing them but don’t bother to go check out who their attackers might be.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

It isn’t long before Daryl is captured by two girls and a guy who think he is with a group that they have escaped from. (Presumably the group that was shooting at Daryl.) These three seem to have survival skills but clearly aren’t the cold blooded killers that the group has encountered in the past as the man’s hand shakes while pointing a gun at Daryl. When one of the girls faints, Daryl sees his opportunity to flee and grabs their bag while he runs off. After grabbing his weaponry he sees a cooler labeled as carrying insulin and realizes that the girl has fainted because she’s a diabetic. Daryl feels bad and brings it back to them. God damn it Daryl, don’t you know that in the zombie apocalypse there is no time for diabetics!? Suddenly there is a truck in the woods looking for these three and Daryl helps them get away. Daryl decides to utilize Rick’s questions (because they have worked so well in the past?): how many walkers have they killed, and how many people have they  killed?

always accountable 2

Meanwhile, Sasha and Abraham set up camp in an office in town and write DiXon on the outside so they can try to meet up with Daryl. Abraham goes off alone to look for supplies and finds a military walker stuck on a fence holding a bazooka. He goes to kill him, but it seems that Abraham is confronting ghosts of military’s past as he starts to have a sort of PTSD episode (not another one…) and eventually backs off. He enjoys a fine cigar watching the walker flail and eventually the walker falls off of the fence, leaving the weapon behind. Looks like sometimes good things still come to those who wait.

always accountable 3

When Abraham returns (and after tons of long talks that TWD just loves), there’s some *heavy* sexual tension between him and Sasha. Nothing happens yet, but I don’t think Rosita is going to like this one bit.

The younger chick with Daryl’s group dies, which is cool because she was annoying. Daryl leads the other two back to where he has dropped off his bike and they ask how many are in his group. He stupidly tells them only two and as he has his back to them he realizes that he’s been taken. They rob him of his bow and arrows once again and this time they take his beloved motorcycle, too. The woman says sorry as they ride away, and Daryl tells her, “you’re gonna be” which is just about the best thing Daryl has said in three seasons. NOW will Daryl listen to Rick and stop trying to look for more people to add to the group!?

always accountable 4

Daryl uses his tracking skills to find a truck hidden in the woods and eventually meets up with Sasha and Abraham. As the episode ends and they attempt to radio Rick, another voice meekly mutters “…help?” GLENN!?!?!?!?!?!

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