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May (2002)

May is a young veterinary technician who suffered a traumatic childhood due to a severe lazy eye; her mother forced her to cover it up and kids would not befriend her because of it. Her mother was rigid and instead of encouraging her to make real friends, she made her a doll that was kept in a glass container that she said could be her friend.

May movie review
“If you can’t find a friend, make one.”

Because May never had any real interactions with actual people in her formative years, her best friend became the doll and as a result May became completely withdrawn from reality, having conversations and interactions with the doll as if it were a real person. After she gets contact lenses that correct her lazy eye, May musters up the courage to (awkwardly) speak to a mechanic (Jeremy Sisto) she has been crushing on from afar. Meanwhile, May’s sexy lesbian co-worker (Anna Faris) has her eyes set on May.

Throughout the film we come to learn just how dysfunctional May has become in her isolated world. Even her attempt to assist with lonely blind children who she feels a kinship with goes horribly awry. Her strange and disturbing behavior begins to alienate everyone around her until she is desperate for human interaction and decides to create a new best friend on her own.

Most notable about the film is that although May’s behavior is at times abhorrent, you feel deeply sorry for her. The movie is an interesting take on what can become of an adolescent who never has the support system they need who is deprived of basic human needs of love, touch, and friendship. As a result of the lack of these crucial elements of becoming a functioning human being, May never really had a chance at dealing with reality properly.



Jessica's Final Review


May's journey to satisfaction is torturous and laborious. Though there is no happy ending to this film, the fantasy world that the tortured soul May has created finally seems to appease her, and that’s really all you can ask for.

Final Rating7.5
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