It Follows (2014)

I’m going to get a lot of flak for this, but I don’t think It Follows necessarily deserved all of the praise that it got.

David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows is an atmospheric supernatural horror film set in Michigan (my home state.) The beginning of the film was very promising; something seemed to be chasing a terrified teenage girl, but you couldn’t see what it was. She runs as far as she can go, but whatever it was that was chasing her got to her, and what’s left of her body is gruesome and scary.

Though the film is filled with dread and creepy occurrences, it never gets as good as the opening scene. An entity is chasing a chosen person, and if you’re that person, the only way that you can pass it on is to have sex with someone and then show the entity its new victim.  It’s slow moving, but if it catches up to you, it will kill you. Basically the way to stay alive is that you have to run away for as long as possible before passing it on to someone else. You are never truly safe because though it only has one target at a time, if it kills the person you passed it to, it starts to go back down the line.

The film deals with two primal notions…sexual desire and the will to live. However, where they were going with that is lost in the dust.


The premise takes the old notion of ‘after sex comes death’ and does something unique with it, and the cinematography was really beautiful. The atmosphere was dark and moody and for some reason time-ambiguous. It had the kind of feel I like in indie movies.

Unfortunately, the plot lacked anything substantial. There’s no diving into what this entity is or where it came from. There’s no way to track when it began or all of the people it’s affected.  There’s no clear answer as to why when you have sex with someone it gets passed on, or how anyone figured that out. The entity takes on different body forms, but sometimes it’s someone you know, and sometimes it’s a weird looking monster. I like continuity, and I like ANSWERS!


Jessica's Final Review


Was It Follows bad? No, but it bothers me when a good film doesn't live up to its potential to be great. I would have liked to see a little bit more substance and the plot holes filled in... maybe we'll get it with a sequel.

Final Rating7.2
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